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Cloud NBFC - NBFC Software to streamline your Money Lending solutions now

WebCuits Cloud NBFC is the Best Finance & NBFC Software for any NBFC Business Management. Rated Best Cloud based Online software for Two wheeler finance & NBFC of any size.

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Cloud NBFC is a leading cloud based business management software solution for Finance & NBFC business. No matter the size of your business Cloud NBFC fits in the best to streamline your Finance & NBFC business process and automates your loan management cycle which makes Cloud NBFC the Best choice as a Finance software & NBFC software. It helps you manage your NBFC business & Loan Management including Customer EMI reminders using SMS & E-mails with App notifications, automatic EMI bouncing application and recovery notifications Cloud NBFC software does all of this automatically while you are busy growing your business. Let's talk about the stats Cloud NBFC is a cloud based Finance Software & NBFC Software solution, that is capable of serving more than 1lakh users at a single time and can handle over 10 million transactions store more than 5Cr loan cases. Our dedicated networking & software engineers have developed such a robust NBFC software framework that you won't have to worry about the bandwidth & density of your work volume. Case studies have shown Cloud NBFC to be the Best choice as Cloud based Online software for Two wheeler finance & NBFC of any size and have shown a growth of 20% in business from the first month of installation. What else you get with Cloud NBFC Software - NO Installations yes our Finance & NBFC softwares comes in plug and play modules that enables you to just start working from any device from any part of the world just like that. Secondly No installations eliminates the need of a desktop software engineer or system engineer which saves 55% of AMC cost(approx) for your company annually. Cloud NBFC is certainly a Finance software / NBFC Software solution that you need for automating your NBFC business.

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Finance Software / NBFC Software Packages :-

(a) Desktop Application/ Web Application. (b) Mobile Application/ Android Application. Click to read Details of CloudNBFC software

Features of Cloud NBFC Best Finance Software & NBFC Software for Business Management →

Cloud NBFC is the best Cloud based NBFC software

Cloud Sever for Access control world wide

Best Cloud based Online software for Two wheeler finance & NBFC Software

Customizable According to your Business Workflow

Cloud NBFC software for NBFC's having more than one branch to manage

Single Software for your Multiple Branches

Online software for NBFC Payroll Management

Create New Branches and Employees with ease

NBFC software with Full admin Control

Multi user with Work/Branch Divided feature

Finance software with Full admin access

Single Point Admin Control to all the work

NBFC online sales management Software

Total Sales and recovery Management

NBFC software for Asset tracking & Customer tracking

Built-In Interface for Bluetooth Printers & GPS

NBFC software with Online payment Option.

Easy Customer file filling and loan approval

Online banking software with Customer login


Customer Resource Management in Cloud NBFC

Customer loan Details & update from single point

Online customer address verificaton in software

Customer Address Verification using GPS

Online EMI payment gateway

Online EMI payment for customers

Two wheeler finance software

Transaction Details with employee name

Cloud NBFC Best auto finance software

EMI Collection Status (Real-Time)

Best Cloud based Online software for Two wheeler finance & NBFC

Total Cash Collected and Cash pending Reports

Cloud NBFC Best Finance software & NBFC Software

Customer Interaction Point

Best Cloud based Online software for Money Lending solutions

SSL security

Cloud NBFC software with Monthly Sales reports

Monthly Sales Reports

Multibranch NBFC software with customized reports

Branch to Branch Reports

NBFC software with recovery and Siezing management

Branch to branch Recovery Reports

NBFC software with Balance sheet and Auditing features

Balance Sheet, P & L, Audit and Other business Reports

Cloud NBFC Best Finance  & NBFC Software for Business Management

All Branches Combined Business Report at one click

HR Module (Incentives, Salary and System Usage Reports)

Menu Items available for Admin in Cloud NBFC.

A main Screen of the Admin Panel will give him quick access to all of the things essential for day to day business management. The primary window has new enquiry option so that a admin can quickly update new cases and approve them with in no time. The Other options for a Admin are → 1) New Enquiry - A new Loan / Finance enquiry generated from the Sales Android application of the Finance Software / NBFC Software. 2) Update Enquiry - To update a Loan / Finance enquiry that has be denied previously but is not deleted from the Software. 3) Delete Enquiry - To delete a Loan / Finance enquiry completely from the Software that does not meet basic requirements. 4) Search Account - To search Accounts of customers that have borrowed Loan / Finance whoes details are stored in the Finance Software / NBFC Software. 5) Add Employee - To add new employees/user in the software and change status (active/deactive) of a software user. 6) Employee Status - To view employee status or location using GPS in the Finance Software / NBFC Software. 7) Pending Processing Fee - To check the pending processing fees of Loan / Finance customers using the alret feature of the Finance / NBFC Software. 8) Processed NOC - To keep a track of NOC issued by Accounts dept to customers who have completed their Loan / Finance tenures successfully. 9) Cash A/C - To keep track of the Cash ledger account transaction using the Accounting feature of the Finance Software / NBFC Software to reduce errors. 10) Business Done - To keep track of Business done by the company during a period of time depending upon the no of Loan / Finance offered to customers. 11) Seizing Report - To keep track of recover and seizing done by the company during a period of time and keep an eye on the defaulter to recovery ratio. 12) Overdue Report - To view customers who have borrowed a Loan / Finance but have failed to pay 1 or 2 EMI or have defaulted for a long time. 13) Dealer Commission Report - To calculate commission of associate dealer who has offered the company customers for Loan / Finance during a period of time. 14) Trial Balance - To generate a Trail balance report using the Software based on the different transactions and actions taken in the Cloud NBFC Software. 15) Profit Loss - To generate a Profit & Loss report using the NBFC Software based on the business done through the and Loan / Finance cases done in a year. 16) Balance Sheet - To generate balance sheet of a particular Branch or Entire company using the Software and accounting done in the Software. 17) Feedback Report - To check the Feedback received by the on-feild recovery executives about a Loan / Finance customer using their android applications. 18) Documents Report - To view the Documents Submitted by a Loan / Finance customer during the case generation in the Software. 19) Edit profile - To edit personal Profile and Details in the Software.

Departmental Hierarchy of Cloud NBFC Software

Admin → Branches → HR Department → Sales Department → Disbursement Department → Telecalling Department → Accounts Department → Recovery Department

Pricing :-

Cloud NBFC the leading NBFC software for Finance & NBFC Business Management.

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