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We are not a software product oriented company, which is advantage for our customers as they get customized software solutions for their business, and not a software product that is made to solve problems of other business. We provide some of the best Software and IT solutions in the domain of Ecommerce, Retail, NBFC, Finance & Banking, HRM, Logistics, NGO, Outsourcing companies, Educations, Healthcare & GPS & Map Services. ERP no we don't work on that, rather we can develop custom software solutions which can solve all your Business problems for you in a simple & easy way. We make it a delight for the employees to work on the software than just keeping it a complicated task. Recent solutions have proved that even non-technical staff can work on a cloud environment if the solution contains elements subjected to their work. Some of the Software product's developed by us in the past are:-

Software Products that simplify your business

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NBFC software , Finance software
Healthcare software , Hospital management software
HR management software, human resource software
Ecommerce website and softwares
GPS & Maps services
Real time tracking using GPS
Bluetooth printers